When it comes to claiming your Form 2290 excise tax refund, we got you covered! Our simplified e-filing process will help you file Form 8849 schedule 6 in minutes. Whether you have a single truck or a fleet of thousands, our system will keep you rolling. Here are some of the innovative feature you'll get when you chose Express 8849.

Accurate HVUT Tax Calculation

No calculators or spreadsheets needed. Simply enter your HVUT tax information, and we will do the math.

Easy-to-Use System

We've done everything possible to make taxes less... taxing. We guide you step-by-step through the filing process with zero complicated IRS terminology.

Form 2290 Industry Experience

No one has more experience with e-filing Form 8849 and 2290 than we do. We know this stuff inside and out, and we're just a click or call away.

Bulk Upload

Do you have a fleet? Our bulk upload feature allows you upload an Excel sheet containing your entire fleets information! No need to enter each truck's information individually.

Fast E-filing

There are no speed limits when it comes to e-filing with us. In addition to filing Form 8849 Schedule 6, you can also file your IRS Form 2290.

Automatic Generation

While e-filing Form 2290, our system will automatically identify any refund credits and generate Form 8849. Now you can get your money back faster!

Tax professionals have access to all these innovative features at a discounted rate. You won't find a better combination of quality at an affordable price. Get started now!


Form 2290 & 8849 Schedule 6 (Claim for Refund/Credits of HVUT 2290) online filings available now!